Eclipse 2017

We drove down to Lathrop, MO last year to try and catch the total solar eclipse. The weather was not great, but I felt we had to try anyway. Of course when we found our way downtown and parked, it was sprinkling.

01 - Umbrellas
Umbrellas, Oak Street and Ridge Street – 11:46 am

We mostly sat around and waited for the cloud cover to break.

02 - Municipal Building
Municipal Building – 12:18 pm

The clouds started thinning as we got closer to totality. Maybe 100 or so people gathered on Oak Street downtown, which was closed off for the event.

03 - Oak Street Downtown Lathrop
Waiting for a break in the clouds – 12:28 pm

The light felt weird. It was hard to capture with the camera, and it makes sense when you think about it, but even when we got direct sunlight, it just felt weak.

04 - Barn on Oak Street
Barn on Oak Street – 12:37 pm

The cafe closed before totality so it’s employees could enjoy the show. They watched from the roof, silhouetted in front of a fantastic sky.

05 - Have Another Cup
Waiting on the roof – 12:45 pm

No luck with the clouds, but the nearly imperceptible rush of the onset of totality was still incredibly jarring. Crickets sang and street lights flickered on.

06 - Edge of totality
The edge of totality – 1:08 pm

We watched the clouds in the distance darken as the moon’s shadow moved east.

07 - One Minute Later
One minute in – 1:09 pm

The total solar eclipse lasted 2 minutes and 38.7 seconds in downtown Lathrop, all of it obscured. There weren’t crowds of people downtown, but there were enough people in the area to make the 4.5 mile drive back to I-35 take over an hour in the weird post-eclipse-not-quite-half-light

08 - Post Eclipse Traffic
Cornfield from post-eclipse traffic – 1:56 pm

Northwestern Missouri was the place to be for upper mid-westerners to catch the eclipse. The drive home took over six hours.

09 - Post Eclipse Traffic Truck
Still in traffic – 6:09 pm

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