Alaskan Sketches

It’s hard to make good pictures of beautiful places, and even harder when you’re traveling on a boat with two-thousand other people. Our cruise started in Seward, Alaska, just before sundown.

Seward Skyline sm
Seward skyline, after setting sail

The next day we pulled into Disenchantment Bay (great name) to take a peek at the Hubbard Glacier, which despite all odds is apparently growing. That turquoise color in the water is from glacial melt.

Haenke Island
Haenke Island, Disenchantment Bay

Then on to Hoonah, on Chicagof Island for a different kind of otherworldly beauty.

Hoonah Cemetery
Cemetery in Hoonah, AK

I would have been happy spending the entire week in Juneau if we had the chance. It felt like a place we could call home, if it wasn’t for the isolation from the rest of the world, and the cold dark winters.

Basin Road Juneau
Basin Road, Juneau, AK
Basin Road Juneau 2
Basin Road & 8th Street, Juneau, AK

Supposedly the skull of an infamous swindler from Skagway’s Goldrush days is the model for this cliff-side visage. It isn’t easy to tell how tall the tales are sometimes.

Skagway Cliff
Portside cliff in Skagway, AK

I’m still a little sore we sailed down most of Vancouver Island at night.

Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island, BC

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